Social media: part 2 

Following in from our discussion about the darker sides of the web, there’s an interesting article on the BBC news site this morning. It looks at the effects of twitter, facebook, Snapchat, instagram and youtube on the mental health of 14-24 year olds. 

It discussed that social media can be both good and bad, with some people stating that social media, at first made them feel more wanted and included but that soon spiralled downwards and that feeling swung entirely the other way.

Of the 5, they were ranked in order of least damaging to most and were as follows; 

1. YouTube 

2. Twitter 

3. Facebook 

4. Snapchat 

5. Instagram 

And I can’t say I’m surprised about the latter two as, while many of us use them responsibly, to share pictures we like/are funny but some use it to give negative body image and people are constantly compared to these celebrities who are not like everyone else and we don’t know how much of it is real or how much is photoshopped. 

Sorry I know this is not related to medical education and might be perceived as a little ranty but I thought it was an interesting read as it highlights some of the dangers of social media and the internet as a whole. 


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